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Toronto, Ontario

The goal of the website will be to help optimize the growth and development of people by analyzing human nature.


You can find all of Alexei Muravsky's writing on this page. This includes his essays, poems, and fables.


Alexei Muravsky

Aim and Fire

Through this website my aim will be to gather my own thoughts I have on various subjects into essays, as well as through smaller updates depending on the topic of conversation. It will also showcase photos and videos, captured for work and personal ventures, in the goal of creating an easily accessible online portfolio. I believe both facets will enable me to learn more about my own thoughts and the process that goes into creating them.


Our reality is composed of our perceptions and how we see the world, thus my topics will range from the experiences I have and will encounter, as all authors and artists grasp into their past for future material. I am currently a psychology student and interested in discovering all that I may about it, so discussions will definitely touch on that side of things. As for specific material, that will largely depend on the ideas I come across, throughout my journey.

Of course I’d like this opportunity to enable me to grow as a writer and because of that as a person. E.B. White said “good writing is rewriting,” and understanding that will be imperative for growth to take place. 

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