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The Sun and the Moon


The Sun and the Moon

Alexei Muravsky

Since our folk could remember the Sun and the Moon have taken turns tracing the heavens above us. One summer day the Sun was dancing in the sky, revelling in the admiration people heaped onto him, for his warmth and illumination. The moon became jealous noticing such high praise, and tried to replicate his actions as night fell. Humans, being so expert in discerning the motivations and feelings of others, couldn’t help but notice this shoddy imitation. They started laughing and mocking her as she rose and fell in the night sky. Any attempt to imitate light only made it obvious that she was reflecting the Sun’s brilliance. They took her for granted, much preferring the comforts of fire to light during these cold nights. The Earth, seeing all this transpire, comforted the Moon, and highlighted that which she herself had overlooked. Her Mother explained that without her, she wouldn’t be able to change the tides on her own – therefore disrupting the evolutionary process that brought about her progeny all over the land and sea. Her Daughter’s absence would mean the destabilization of her Mother’s poles, her position in time and space, time spent with her Father, the Sun. Hearing this the Moon realized that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. She now focused on what made her so beautiful: a sight to behold, a fleeting moment, a mistress to chase, to romance.

 Carve your own path, focus on your strengths.