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Toronto, Ontario

The goal of the website will be to help optimize the growth and development of people by analyzing human nature.



You can find all of Alexei Muravsky's writing on this page. This includes his essays, poems, and fables.


Alexei Muravsky

You may flip through the thesaurus,

   Searching the pages for evidence,

                 Of synonyms for my sins,

                          Feelings that came

                             before principles,

                                     Moot points.

                                      Cases to be

                                          cared for,

                                          found no


I deaded him, abandoned the boy,

Murdered at night, and let the man be born,

Snow fell to wake anew in the morning,

Mourning over desire no more.

Death arrived on

a winter day,

With heavy

snows carpeting,

Dancing around,

Foxtrot found:

A distinguished existence,

That was meant,

To extinguish – or to be? No,

to be no more.