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Soldier Son

Alexei Muravsky

Soldier Son carries on,

Through minefields of muddied memory,

Soldier Son gone.


They said it would only be darkest before the dawn,

That we would be fighting the easiest enemy,

Soldier Son carries on.


Oh… how they got the story wrong,

Fools underestimated adversaries’ ability,

Soldier Son gone.


Moved about the chessboard carelessly like a pawn,

March marked a meat grinder, no plan B contingency,

Soldier Son carries on.


Wanted to see if we had what it took, brains and brawn,

Participated in the great game, sacrifice marked our history,

Soldier Son gone.


Developed bond, above family, the lot previously drawn,

Brothers shared war, covered sixes, forged fraternity,

Soldier Son carries on,

Soldier Son gone.