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Alexei Muravsky

She span my reel, produced my reality,

Had me glued to my seat, enraptured,

Seemed like a silver screen fantasy,

Contact highs from looks and words, heart captured,

Stronger than any drug known to man,

My love for her sprouted legs and ran,

No lustful sprint, but a deep connection marathon,

A case that would have given pause to Don Juan,

Insatiable desire chocked me out, power of the python,

Years lost to women’s whims, hoisted up comedic bait,

Hourglass dripping dames date by date,

My voracious fate I cannot abdicate,

Only left to abbreviate this time that accelerates,

Actions I now hate, used to venerate,

A disease to cut out, from body separate,

An infection once accommodated I vaccinate.