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The goal of the website will be to help optimize the growth and development of people by analyzing human nature.



Alexei Muravsky

I feel history pumping through my arteries and veins,

Heart acting on origins from ancestors spread out in graves,

A population’s psychology predetermined by previous actions,

By kin, conquerors, subsequent reactions to occupations,

Nature dictating one’s form of dress, habits and culture,

Survival dependent on adaption, lest we fall to the vultures,

Strategy & perseverance, hand in hand, king and queen,

Neighbors understood, where they’ve been, what they’ve seen,

Struggles vary but for the most part we want the same,

Health, wealth, happiness, acceptance without the shame,

Different philosophies bringing us to the same end,

Erosions to shadows and dust, souls to another world sent,

Hope left in the fact that our heartbeats act as a relay race,

From the womb, to a son, to a granddaughter, case after case,

History continues, generations aren’t split from each other,

They act in a relentless wave, softening stone, silk smother