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Elect Yourself


Elect Yourself

Alexei Muravsky

Half the states are rioting, up in arms,

Over elections, over who has their finger over the button,

Control of the launch of nuclear arms,

A badminton game of emotions produced bad men in tens,

Is this the end of the world, as we know it, a future harmed?


I recite a prayer, to calm in these trying times,

God give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

For prayer and action go together, and to get there,

I cannot fly to my destination by relying on only one or the other,

An eagle injured, severed of one wing, would only cry out and wallow.


Look up the definition of politics, politickin’,

It’s just a euphemism for bullshittin’,

Red or blue they don’t give a fuck about you,

Green’s the only colour on their agenda, buying votes,

Trailing on the influence of corporation’s tail coats,

Many turn tail after being elected into office,

Promises given, left to dry out, wrinkle up in scorching sun,

Banking on the fact that when the truth comes to light,

People will still be too lazy, too occupied to put up a fight.


As Jay Z said, in the environment where he’s from,

Government… fuck government,

We politic ourselves.

Social representation will only truly flourish after economic domination,

It’s hard to bring one into the fold before the other,

Like trying to put the cart before the horse, don’t bother,

Flood the corners and the streets with your businesses,

Help one another, pick each other up, and inspire the next generation.

Look to other cultures that have already accomplished this,

Nothing selfish, we’re humans and just looking after self-interest,

I cannot stand aside and see my people deluge into the gutter,

We gather resources, move as a unit, brother pulling brother,

For divided we would be easily picked off and conquered,

So we vote as a block, demand respect for that which we want,

Two can play at this game, and the dog and the shepherd,

Will not succeed in moving my flock.

Land of the free, home of the brave, this is America,

Personified by those that don’t take for granted the right,

To engage in the pursuit of happiness, that which pushes our height.


Look to the rise and fall of great empires of past times,

We are part of that one superpower now,

Yet not inoculated from the fickleness of lady fate,

Hate will only help to tear the boards from our hull,

Leaking this ship that has taken freedom so far, thus far,

Only to see it’s fall into an ocean, deep and dark,

The responsibility was ours, left open to attack by upstarts,

Our origin sprung on us, how did we not learn from the red coats?

Rome suffered a similar fate, rose with the grace of stoic values,

Fell in time to epicurean whine and waste,

People take for granted the responsibility they have for inborn liberty,

A recipe for disaster, space for stronger wills to take this place.


I leave this message here not to see you discouraged,

To hopefully show you a different perspective, keep you encouraged,

The fact that your future lies in your hands instead of those in office,

May be seen as frightening, as if life is too big an ordeal to handle,

But coming to terms with responsibility for self – it being in your hands,

Makes your existence counter intuitively empowering and freeing,

By combining your talent and hard work, you may come into being.