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Temptation Tossed Thrice


Temptation Tossed Thrice

Alexei Muravsky

Does temptation ever burn out or fade away?

Unless I tense, apply resistance, is it here to stay?

Immense weight pulls me in with the force of 10 g’s,

Merciless malevolent mafia extortion fees,

Frightening feeling that it’s crawling under skin,

No relent, always stalking, waiting to pounce on prey,

When concentration falters, mind no longer has a say,

It strikes behind a mask, unseemly cowardice, po-lice,

Yet I pray to have the strength to still go my way,

Reach a period where I’m not preoccupied with vice,

Socrates was right in saying there was peace in old age,

Chances to escape, unharmed, unscathed,

Slipping away ‘cause of all the games I’ve played,

For thrice I have already tossed these dice.